About the Books

Spark Reading has separate sites for Teachers and Students,

so each user lands on a site that is designed around their needs

Teacher View

When teachers log in, they are taken to the teacher site. There are 2 main sections:

  • The LIBRARY section is where teachers access books to use in your teaching, search for and assign books to students, and access the Teaching Notes.
  • The STUDENTS section is where you manage your class list and review analytics

Teacher View


Student View

When students log in, they are taken to the student site. There are two main sections:

  • The MY BOOKBOX section is where students first land. This is where they have selected or their teacher has selected for them plus the books they have chosen themselves.
  • The LIBRARY section is where students access the entire Spark Reading library to select books they want to add to their bookbox.

Student View


Only the best books made the cut

All 900+ titles in Spark Reading have been extensively reviewed and have a proven track record of engagement.

Thoughtfully Curated

The books in Spark Reading were chosen from the thousands of little books published by Pearson Canada and our partners. We selected only the books that were most appropriate and relevant for Canadian students.

Books were selected from many popular, classroom-tested series.

Sails MainSails
Celebrate Canada
Turtle Island Voices
Time for Kids
Well Aware
Steam Readers
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Proudly Canadian

Our goal is for children to see themselves in their digital library and have opportunities to develop their understanding and appreciation of diversity.

Diversity Pie Chart

Cultural Content

117 titles

Stories, information, and/or perspectives from specific cultures.


of titles in Spark Reading have been written by Canadian authors.


of titles in Spark Reading have been written by Indigenous authors.


Many books connect to Canadian Social Studies, Science, Health, Math, and the Arts curricula. Each book has been tagged allowing teachers and students to easily find books to support learning in other disciplines.

Health and Well-Being

112 books


54 books

Social Studies

219 books

The Arts

55 books


350 books

Click here to see the complete book lists by level and language currently available in Spark Reading.


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