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Browse and download free samples of Fountas & Pinnell literacy resources.

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BAS Samples

Benchmark Assessment System

Download this free sample of the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (BAS)—accurate, insightful assessment tools to determine independent and instructional reading levels, and plan responsive instruction.

The BAS sample includes: an overview of the system, case studies that demonstrate how to conduct and interpret the assessment, and sample Benchmark Assessment books.

FPC Samples

LLI Samples

Leveled Literacy Intervention

Download the K–8+ System Overview and System samples to read about LLI’s research-based characteristics, and how to implement LLI to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Each System Sample includes:

  • an introduction to the principles on which Leveled Literacy Intervention rests
  • the many features and components of the system
  • an outline of the four types of lesson frameworks along with a complete sample lesson for each type
  • two sample student books

LLI 2nd Edition Systems for Primary Grades (K-2)


LLI Systems for Intermediate Grades (3-5)


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