The Phonics Companion

The Phonics Companion supports a research-based, systematic, and explicit approach to phonics instruction that will enhance what you are already doing in your broader literacy program.

Designed to support teachers who want to bring intention to their phonics instruction, The Phonics Companion includes 120 templated lessons and 30 suggested regular reviews. An accompanying website includes customizable teacher tools and line masters that can be shared digitally or printed. It is based on a scope and sequence that has been field-tested in a range of primary classrooms and offers an easy-to-implement solution for integrating a full phonics solution into their literacy program.

  • Lesson Plans
  • Scope & Sequence
  • Website
  • Assessment Tools
  • Bug Club Phonics

Lesson Plans

The Phonics Companion provides lesson plans for 120 of the most frequent letter-sound correspondences:

  • Consistent, step-by-step instructions for modelling the letter-sound
  • Suggested activities for students to practice blending sounds
  • Opportunities to apply understanding in a range of activities
  • Opportunities to revisit target words in decodable books or other reading activities

Download a Sample Lesson

Scope and Sequence

If instruction is to be provided in a systematic way, there needs to be a plan. The scope and sequence in The Phonics Companion is based on four years of research into how to best teach phonics, including the number of letter-sound correspondences to teach and how frequently to teach them.

Download the Scope and Sequence


Everything you need for planning and delivering the lessons in one place! This website provides easy access to 600+ digital files to support activities – all projectable, sharable and printable. A special feature of the website is the SLP Corner which provides short videos that allow teachers and student to hear the sound and see a Speech & Language Pathologist make the sound.

About the Website  View an SLP Video

Assessment Tools

How you assess students in phonics is similar to how you assess them in other areas—a mix of anecdotal observations and informal and formal assessments. The Phonics Companion supports all of these types of assessment. Of special note is the Quick Screener which helps determine students’ knowledge of letter-sound correspondences. It also helps determine each student’s initial placement, monitor students’ progress, and establish small groups for more targeted instruction.

Bug Club Phonics

Designed to support teachers who want to bring intention to their phonics instruction, The Phonics Companion includes 120 templated lessons and 30 suggested regular reviews. Every lesson has a consolidating section at the end where it links to a Bug Club Phonics Decodable Reader that could be used during the lessons. For those lessons without a link to a Bug Club Phonics reader there is a suggested sentence/passage for student practice.


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