With More (Advanced) Lessons in Comprehension Frank Serafini and Suzette Youngs present 64 new, more sophisticated lessons for elementary and middle school readers. Lessons that make explicit the skills students need to engage with a wide variety of texts of increasing complexity. You’ll help students:
  • develop layered, personal interpretations of texts and visual images
  • discuss and negotiate their interpretations within a community of readers
  • read more deeply across genres and sustain interpretations across longer texts
  • think critically about their reading and analyze texts from a variety of theoretical perspectives.
More (Advanced) Lessons in Comprehension also offers you a powerful new tool for assessing your teaching and its effectiveness. Its Instructional Trajectory allows you to:
  • plan instruction with longer-term comprehension goals in mind
  • keep teaching relevant to students’ real-life needs
  • make sure that everything readers do moves them toward deeper comprehension.
More (Advanced) Lessons in Comprehension is a complete resource. It’s supported by the actual classroom language that Serafini and Youngs use with their students as well as examples of all the forms, charts, and artifacts related to each lesson.
If you’ve already taught with Lessons in Comprehension, pick up More (Advanced) Lessons in Comprehension. Or if you’ve just discovered Serafini and Youngs’ approach, try More (Advanced) Lessons in Comprehension in your classroom.
Either way, you’ll find that More (Advanced) Lessons in Comprehension deepens students’ understanding—one ready-to-use lesson at a time.