Table of Contents

Teaching Situation 1: If you want to begin with heartfelt moments from the students’ lives
Activity: Indelible Moments

Teaching Situation 2: If you want them to write tightly focused memories with a reflective layer
Activity: Personal Narrative with Reflection

Teaching Situation 3: If you want to start with a personal narrative they just wrote
Activity: Elastic Essays from Narratives

Teaching Situation 4: If you want to start with their journal writing
ActivityMining Journals

Teaching Situation 5: If you want a quick backup plan for anxiety reduction
Activity: 11-Minute Essay

Teaching Situation 6: If you want them to explore topics for deep development and systemic growth
Activity: Inner Streams/Gritty Life

Teaching Situation 7: If you want them to respond to a prompt for fast habit development
Activity: (Test) Prompt Assignments

Teaching Situation 8: If you want them to make all of the choices
Activity: Open Essay

Teaching Situation 9: If you want them to focus on developing a body of informational content
Activity: Cubing

Teaching Situation 10: If you want them to develop a thesis first
Activity: KillerThesis:Three-in-One

Teaching Situation 11: If you want them to write an essay about a book they’ve read (or any literature)
Activity: Book Report Essays

Teaching Situation 12: If you want them to use these skills for other content
Activity: Content Areas

Teaching Situation 13: If you want them to use the moves of other writers
Activity: Extracting Structures from Great Pieces