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Your access card will say Words Their Way Digital and the code inside may look like this: SIMPLE-FRILL-TONLE-WEIRS-CHOIR-FLEES.

Use this code to register your resource at:


Define your Role

Before you register, it is important to define your role.

Words Their Way Digital supports two different user types: Teacher and Admin. The type of access you need will depend on your role. Please see the descriptions of the two user types below, along with suggestions for how the user types align to different educator roles.

Teacher Access: The Teacher user type is intended for any classroom teacher or teacher candidate who plans to use Words Their Way Digital in their classroom. Teachers have the ability to create and manage a class roster, and will have access to the other key features of the website: online spelling inventories and reporting, interactive sorts, and printable game templates. We suggest Teacher access for the following educator roles:

  • Teacher candidates (college students training to become teachers)
  • K12 classroom teachers

Admin Access: The Admin user type is intended for any educator who needs to have oversight over multiple classroom teachers or teacher candidates. Admins have the ability to create a school and invite users with Teacher access to join the school. If the Teacher user accepts the invitation, the Admin will have access to the Teacher's class roster and reporting, and can also administer online spelling inventories and interactive sorts on the Teacher's behalf. We suggest Admin access for the following educator roles:

  • College instructors
  • K12 literacy specialists

» Implementation Support

Words Their Way Digital provides educators with a rich collection of resources to engage students in hands-on, interactive word study.

The two main resource areas available are:

  • Automatically Scored Feature Guides
  • Interactive Word Sorts

Download this user guide for:

  • Getting Started
  • Creating and Managing Schools/Classes
  • Spelling Inventories and Reporting
  • Assigning and Editing Groups
  • Sorts
  • Games

» PD Toolkit

Important Retirement Notice!

The PDToolkit website for Words Their Way will be permanently retired on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. If you wish to preserve data from the online spelling inventory tool, you will need to download reports to a secure location prior to this date.

Please note that a new companion website is available with auto-scored spelling inventories, over 130 interactive sorts, and over 40 game templates. Visit wtwdigital.pearson.com to learn more.

Once the PDToolkit website is retired, you will be able to access all legacy pdf-based (non-interactive) resources on open sites (URLs to come).

For FAQ support visit here

PD Toolkit User Guide: Download here