1. I have the resource Calm, Alert and Learning. Why should I buy this book?​

It extends Calm, Alert and Learning with new research. It helps users chart a developmental path to move Self-Reg forward in a classroom or school. 

2. How is it different from the Calm, Alert and Learning resource?​

Calm, Alert and Learning focused on the 5 domains. This book extends that work by creating a Self-Reg framework that combines the domains with the five practice method: reframe, recognize, reduce, reflect, respond. It has a practical rather than theoretical focus.​​

3. Our school has an SEL program already in place. Would this resource fit?​

Yes, the Self-Reg Handbook can complement an existing program in classrooms and schools or be used on its own.

4. We have funds for mental health. Does this book address mental health?​

The aim of Self-Reg Handbook is to help everyone manage stress and tension. In addition Ch. 7 addresses the effects of three conditions that impact positive mental health: anxiety, autism, ADHD.