Why Complete Comprehension?

Complete Comprehension helps answer three questions:

  • How do I know if a reader’s whole-book comprehension matches what a short-text assessment tells me?
  • How do I evaluate a reader’s whole-book comprehension?
  • How do I turn an evaluation into strategy-based, goal-directed instruction?


Who is Complete Comprehension for?

  • Students reading chapter books, especially those whose predicted instructional level doesn’t match their whole-book comprehension
  • Teachers who want to provide progress-oriented instruction driven by a more comprehensive understanding of children’s comprehension
  • Schools that use any approach to curriculum and instruction


How does it work?

Jennifer Serravallo provides a simple, accessible, and effective framework for instruction:

  • Assess readers in authentic trade books with prompts placed at key moments across the text.
  • Evaluate students with Jen’s rubrics and determine what reading goal to teach toward.
  • Teach with more of the strategies that made The Reading Strategies Book a bestseller.


What are the components?

  • Three resource guides: AssessEvaluate, and Teach
  • 28 trade books, two per levels J–W
  • Labels to place in the trade books that cue the reader to answer a comprehension prompt
  • Custom response forms for each trade book
  • Evaluation rubrics for analyzing student responses
  • Stickers to place on the outside of the trade books to indicate they are not part of the classroom library
  • Additional online resources, including classroom video


Will Complete Comprehension save time or require more of it?

  • No instructional time is required for the assessment: Readers answer prompts on their own during independent reading time.
  • The evaluation takes just moments.
  • The strategies Jen shares are easily incorporated into existing instruction—especially if you’re already using The Reading Strategies Book.

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