Complete Comprehension: Fiction

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Chapter books challenging their ability to synthesize and accumulate information, and sustain comprehension. Longer texts require readers to be more skilled around the goals of:

  • sustaining understandings about plots that have many events, and may include events out of order (flashback, foreshadowing)
  • visualizing settings which often change from chapter to chapter, and which may be unfamiliar to the reader
  • tracking characters and their growth, changes, and relationships across time
  • handling more difficult vocabulary and the richer use of figurative language
  • determining themes by taking into account an entire long text, and using the book to uncover the meaning of symbolism.

Jennifer Serravallo's Complete Comprehension: Fiction supports growth in these goals, all of which contribute to whole-text comprehension and engagement. Complete Comprehension provides everything you need to:

  • assess a student's whole-book comprehension via each of the four goals
  • evaluate their facility with the component skills of each goal to plan instruction
  • teach reading strategies directly matched to the needs you identify.

For those familiar with Jen's work, this Assess, Evaluate, Teach framework is connected to the comprehension progressions she defined in Understanding Texts & Readers and to the instructional ideas in The Reading Strategies Book. In Complete Comprehension, these three pillars of the framework each receive their own teaching guide.


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