A series of math little books for K-3 that allows teachers to match books to a child's or group’s level of math understanding, providing rich opportunities for teaching and learning.

  • 72 fiction and non-fiction books
  • Organized around the key big ideas within each math strand: Number Sense, Patterning and Algebra, Measurement, Data Management and Probability, Geometry
  • Supports teachers in facilitating differentiated instruction
  • 3–12 titles per big idea (based on Pearson Canada Math Learning Progression)
  • Each book allows students to consolidate a building block of understanding within a big idea, priming them for the next building block
  • Fun, engaging stories put math in real-life contexts

Mathology Little Books also available in French

The collection is comprised of:

  • Little Books (K-3)
  • Lap Books (K)
  • Annotated Teacher’s Resource with easy to implement ideas to facilitate rich math conversations and meaningful lessons in whole class, small groups, and learning centres
  • Digital versions of the Little Books with audio and an interactive activity
  • Digital version of the Teacher’s Resource with modifiable line masters and assessment masters, and the student story with and without words for projection

Teacher's Resource Overview

The Teacher’s Resource is a key companion to each Mathology Little Book and allows educators to facilitate rich and meaningful math lessons in order for students to develop key building blocks of understanding within key math concepts.


  • Identifies key math focus areas for each book
  • Includes prompts for meaningful math conversations with specific math focuses
  • Options for large group lessons, organized in three-part lessons
  • Options for activities in small groups and for learning centres, designed to help students develop routines so that they can work in pairs or alone, helping teacher with classroom management
  • Includes notes on What to Look For as teacher makes prompts
  • Modifiable assessment masters and line masters
  • Options for Home Connection
  • Included:
    • Digital version of Teacher’s Resource
    • Digital version of student story with and without words for projection