Francais B

Student Book, Teacher’s Guide and eText written for the 2011 Language B syllabus.

student book

Key features: 

  • Fully tailored to the 2011 Français B syllabus, including all core themes and a broad spread of options. 
  • Clearly differentiated content for both Standard and Higher Level students. 
  • Supported by a Teacher’s Guide containing teaching guidance and schemes of work, as well as comprehensive answers to all exercises in the student book. 

New Workbook

Our unique French Workbook provides focused practice to prepare your students for their end of course assessments. 

  • The exercises in the workbooks prepare students for the reading, writing and listening assessments - with QR codes to enhance learning. 
  • Students are encouraged to make the workbooks their own, writing in answers, highlighting and making notes – perfect for revision. 
  • The structure of the workbooks by prescribed theme means they can be used alongside, rather than instead of, other resources. 
  • Provides support for the Internal Assessment.  

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Francais B Teacher Guide
Francais B Student Book + eText bundle
Français B Workbook