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Interactive Features



Teaching notes that correspond to the texts on the page are available at point of use. Notes include valuable assessment and differentiation information.


Modifiable slides are provided to offer students language support as they explore texts in the classroom. They also assist teachers with planning and lesson flow.


Clicking on this culture icon will take you to a PDF featuring additional Francophone cultural information relevant to the text on page.


Allow students to independently work with a specific language structure or vocab item. Each module includes five interactive activities.


These are connected to the texts on the pages and allow students to hear teens ordering at a restaurant, having phone conversations, leaving voice-mail messages, making school announcements, and other authentic oral interchanges.


Each module includes two short Canadian videos featuring teens interacting in real-life situations. Speaking voices are easy to understand, and can be slowed down or sped up based on student need. Each video concludes with a short pronunciation segment.


Line masters used when exploring the texts on the page are provided as PDFs or as modifiable versions. Modifiable assessment masters too!


Each module includes three short tutorial videos, with audio, on specific language conventions. These can be shown in class, or students may view them independently.