William Ward

William Ward has spent 41 years teaching, spending 23 of those teaching IB Diploma Biology. He has led over 60 IB Biology workshops and has consulted with many schools in establishing IB curriculum or in improving IB instruction at existing IB schools.

Alan Damon

Alan Damon teaches Biology and Theory of Knowledge (ToK) in Paris at the Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel. He is committed to integrating technology into the classroom and promoting critical thinking skills.

Randy McGonegal

Randy McGonegal has been teaching for 40 years, the last 28 as an IB Biology instructor. He has consulted on implementing and improving many IB programs in North America and has led over 90 IB workshops.

Pat Tosto

Pat Tosto is a lifelong educator leader with a specialty in IB Diploma Biology. She is an assistant examiner for the IB Internal Assessment. Her experience includes 25 years of educating students in Biology HL and 20 years of leading and facilitating workshops.



Richard Thornley

Richard Thornley has taught in 6 countries and 8 schools and current works at the United Nations International School (UNIS), NYC. He is the creator of a YouTube channel devoted to making IB Chemistry a bit more fun (since somebody had too). Most people doing IB chemistry now use it.

Catrin Brown

Catrin Brown teaches IB chemistry and biology at Lester Pearson United World College of the Pacific in Canada. Having taught international curricula since 1992, she has been involved in almost all aspects of IB curriculum and assessment, including International A'level (IA) moderation, leading teacher workshops and co-writing the current chemistry curriculum.

Mike Ford

Mike Ford is the High School Curriculum Coordinator at the International School of Lyon. He has an MA in Chemistry from Oxford University and 19 years’ experience teaching IB Chemistry Physics and ToK. He has been a Deputy Chief Examiner in Chemistry and led workshops throughout the world.



Chris Hamper

Since 1995 Chris Hamper has been teaching physics, climbing rocks and casting flies at the United World College (UWC) Red Cross Nordic situated on the west coast on Norway. Before that he was the head of physics at UWC Atlantic college where he studied the motion of waves while sitting on his surfboard.