• Mon réseau, ma vie Student
  • Mon réseau, ma vie Teacher

Mon réseau, ma vie Student

The Student resources for Mon Réseau, Ma Vie are high quality, attention-grabbing, instructional resources featuring authentic contexts, purposeful language-use, and action-oriented tasks with embedded differentiation for a variety of learners. 

Digital eText: includes a variety of powerful multimedia assets, such as videos, audio for listening activities and texts, interactive activities and language demos.

Print Format: Four modules per grade

Mon réseau, ma vie Teacher

Innovative Teacher Tools!

Take back your prep time! The Mon réseau, ma vie Teacher’s eGuide is a rich, innovative resource that provides total support on lesson planning. It includes condensed lesson steps and visual prompts on projectable slides so you can teach directly from the slides and not waste valuable time preparing lessons and visuals. We asked field-test teachers the following questions: Do you feel that the projectable slides were helpful? If so, in what way? This is what they had to say.

The eGuide is comprised of:

  • An enhanced eText of the student resource
  • Teaching notes for each lesson
  • Line masters for each lesson
  • A digital teaching tool featuring visuals and key teaching points for each lesson.
  • Projectable slides are designed to help teachers engage students with visual cues and are particularly valuable for visual learners
  • 8 videos
  • Audio listening activities
  • Interactive activities

Optional printed teacher's guide also available