• Echos Pro 1, 2, and 3
  • Echos 1, 2, and 3

Echos Pro 1, 2, and 3

Échos Pro 1, 2, and 3

Échos Pro combines comprehensive teaching support and professional development, easy-to-use yet powerful technology solutions, and an impressive collection of fun, diverse, high-interest, and linguistically accessible classroom texts—all integrated into a complete core program.

Échos Pro helps teachers and students meet curriculum expectations by

  • starting with purposeful oral communication as a basis for developing skill in all areas of language learning
  • utilizing the Gradual Release of Responsibility in order to support and scaffold students’ language use and development
  • providing opportunities for cultural and intercultural learning
  • featuring engaging texts, themes, and lessons
  • offering extensive professional learning and support
  • employing an action-oriented approach and aligning with the principles of the CFR in a number of important ways

View the Échos Pro 1 Instructional Framework (PDF) 


View the Échos Pro 2 Instructional Framework (PDF) 


View the Échos Pro 3 Instructional Framework (PDF) 

Each level of Échos Pro includes a Professional Bundle and 5 Student Modules: 

Professional Bundle Contents

1. ProGuide Kit

  • Program Overview and Professional Learning document
  • Step-by-step Teacher Guides for all 5 modules
  • DVD containing all songs, videos, eTexts, whiteboard activities, line masters and assessment masters for the level
  • Audio CDs containing all songs, listening activities and audio files for student modules

2. Access to CLE

  • The Professional Bundle includes a 3-year license providing 24/7 access to CLE, the exciting digital component to Échos Pro.
  • CLE contains all of the Teacher and Student material for Échos Pro in digital format and allows teachers and students to interact online and to search, create, and share content.
  • With CLE Teachers get their own personal CLE account and the right to set up an unlimited number of student accounts. Student accounts are attached to the Teacher’s account so the teacher can interact with students individually, in groups, in classes and with all classes across grades.
  • Students can save work in a digital portfolio and keep the portfolio from year-to-year for a digital archive of their progress

Échos Pro Student Modules

The Student Modules in Échos Pro provide

  • fun themes and tasks that are connected to Students’ lives and interests
  • authentic contexts and functional language development
  • a variety of text types, formats, and levels
  • vibrant, visual graphics and content designed to capture and hold students’ attention.

Echos 1, 2, and 3

This FSL classroom literacy resource is a collection of aural, visual, and written texts that are engaging, linguistically accessible and cognitively challenging.

For teachers, it activates the professional learning foundation of Effective Literacy Practices in FSL: Making Connections.

For students, it clearly and consistently helps them develop language and comprehension strategies as they explore, practice and reflect.

Échos 1-3 features:

  • Durable and easy-to-carry packaging - a large, waterproof, two-pocket vinyl carrying case to store and transport the components
  • Effective instructional approaches - written by practicing educators across Canada that connect instruction, differentiation and assessment
  • The opportunity to purchase a core resource in stages - you can purchase Échos as a stand-alone literacy resource or as a component of a core resource.

For a walkthrough of échos, join Michel as he describes the resource.