Committed to improving instructional programs, more and more teachers are playing an active role in mathematics and science reform. Teacher Leadership in Mathematics and Science was written to assist these efforts. This unique book will both help current teacher leaders be more effective in this role and support the development of aspiring teacher leaders.

This volume of cases—the first of its kind—focuses on issues teacher leaders face in their interactions with other teachers, administrators, and parents, such as:

  • What kind of expertise do I bring to my leadership work?
  • How do I build support for reform?
  • How do I develop different kinds of relationships in my role as teacher leader?

These issues are elaborated on in seven different cases, presenting situations that will be very familiar to anyone who has acted as a teacher leader or worked with teacher leaders. The book also contains extensive facilitation material for each case, consisting of discussion questions and activities that can be used in preservice and inservice settings to promote reflection on and problem solving about teacher-leadership issues.

All in all, it's a mathematics or science educator's best resource for understanding the challenges of teacher leadership, acquiring the necessary skills to serve in this capacity, and implementing lasting change in classroom practice.