Multi-Media Samples


Grade 1 Student Book, page 4

Why Do You Pray?

Grade 2 Big Book 1, page 18

The Shepherds and the Angels

Grade 2 Poster 5

The Mass (The Introductory Rite)

Grade 3 Poster 4

The Sacrament of Reconciliation


Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ
Beatitudes by the Beati-Dudes
We Believe
Shout it From the Mountains (and From the Schoolyard Too)

Interactive Activities

The Lord’s Prayer (Grade 1)

Put the words in the prayer.

The Mass (Grade 2)

Match each part of the Mass to its description.

The Apology: Making Good Choices (Grade 3)

Imagine you have to make the same choice as Renée in the story.