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Teachers’ most reliable resource to accurately and reliably identify each child’s instructional and independent reading levels according to the F&P Text Level Gradient™, A–Z and document their progress through one-on-one formative and summative assessments. The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Systemsprovide teachers with precise tools and texts to observe and quantify specific reading behaviors, and then interpret and use that data to plan meaningful instruction.

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Identify each student’s reading level during this one-on-one, student-teacher assessment conference.

Each assessment enables teachers to:

  • Determine students’ instructional and independent reading levels
  • Recommend a placement level for instruction
  • Form initial groups for reading instruction
  • Plan for efficient and effective instruction
  • Identify students who need intervention and extra help
  • Monitor and report student progress across a school year and grade levels
  • Assess the outcomes of teaching
  • Inform parent conferences.
Who's it for?

All components of the system are conveniently packaged in a sturdy box that includes hanging file folders in which to organize the benchmark books and Recording Forms by level for easy access.

System Components:

  • Leveled Assessment Books
  • Assessment Guide
  • Assessment FormsBook
  • Student FormsBook
  • The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Continuum
  • BASOnline Data Management System (ODMS)
  • Online Resources
  • Professional Development and Tutorial Videos
  • Student Folders
  • F&P Calculator/Stopwatch
What's inside?

The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Systems (BAS) assessments are conducted one-on-one. In Part 1 of the assessment, the student reads aloud and talks about the system’s original, precisely leveled fiction and nonfiction books, while the teacher observes and notes the reader’s behaviors on carefully constructed forms. In Part 2, the teacher conducts a revealing Comprehension Conversation. Optional Part 3 uses a Writing About Reading prompt to elicit response to the text.

How's it implemented?

Engaging and Informative Benchmark Books

The Benchmark Assessment Systems include unique, high-quality books written expressly for the purposes of literacy assessment along the F&P Text Level Gradient™.

Each book was developed under the careful direction and supervision of Fountas and Pinnell according to their strict leveling protocols.

To further ensure proper leveling, the books were vetted by a team of experienced classroom teachers, and Heinemann conducted a formal field study of the leveling that involved a broad spectrum of students

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Benchmark Books


BAS Webinar

Watch "The Enhanced Comprehension Conversation: The Benchmark Assessment Systems, 3rd Edition" Webinar

Watch this webinar to hear from Fountas and Pinnell-trained Consultant, Chrisie Moritz, as she provides a first look at the enhanced comprehension conversation portion of The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Systems, 3rd Edition. This refined comprehension conversation accounts for more rigorous administration, analysis, and scoring.

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