How would you describe the beauty and power of nature?

A playful look at the wonders of nature in three delightful board books. With rich vocabulary and delightful illustrations, the Look Around Books are a perfect way to introduce the beauty and power of nature to young children. These three separate picture books are thematically linked—celebrating the wonders of nature that children encounter in their daily lives—but the rhythm of the text and style of the art are unique to each story.

Feel the Wind

Written by Rhéa Dufresne
Illustrated by Guillaume Perreault

Feel the Wind looks at the tricks the wind plays.


Look at the Sky

Written by Rhéa Dufresne
Illustrated by Jacinthe Chevalier

Look at the Sky describes the many moods of the skies.


Hear the Sea

Written by Angèle Delaunois
Illustrated by Mylène Henry

Hear the Sea depicts the ocean as a majestic force.


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