A new British Columbia social studies series designed and developed to provide a student-centred, user-friendly, flexible and engaging set of resources to fully support teachers and students.


Inquiring Minds 3-7 Overview Video
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Teachers will find a variety of support as they implement the new approaches of inquiry and competencies in the revised social studies curriculum. Students will be able to work with engaging resources designed to motivate them, and help to develop their thinking and inquiry skills.

  • A Focus on Big Ideas, moving away from a content driven approach.
  • Inclusion of First Peoples perspectives, histories and cultures to provide authentic and respectful information for use in these revised courses.
  • Connections to Literacy provide opportunities to develop thinking skills in the discipline areas – such as history, geography, mathematics, economics, political science, etc.
  • Cross-discipline activities provide relevant connections to other subjects such as Applied Design Skills and Technology, Arts, and Science that foster the development of social, emotional and life-long learning skills and attitudes required for the 21st century learner.
  • Classroom tested and reviewed by BC educators to ensure program materials are engaging, accessible, and classroom-friendly.


Check out these videos for an overview of the digital components.

Digital Components Overview

Companion Website Overview


Student eText Overview

Teacher eGuide Overview


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