Introducing Mathology by Pearson

A new, comprehensive, and simple math solution for K-9 that enables teachers to easily plan and implement meaningful, differentiated math learning experiences for all students, while increasing teachers’ skills as math educators. 

Rooted in best practices from academic research and real classrooms, and based on a math learning progression, Pearson Mathology offers a wide variety of student and teacher resources in print and digital media. It also provides targeted professional learning to allow educators to become better at knowing where students are at and defining next steps for growth.

Co-created with teachers, Pearson Mathology’s key features include:

  • Positive student experiences through engaging activities and lessons
  • Tools to support student assessment, lesson planning, and differentiated instruction
  • Professional development embedded in resources
  • Professional titles and in-person professional workshops
  • Smart use of technology

Our first set of solutions targets the K-3 level, as we believe that establishing a solid foundation for math in the early years is fundamental. Pearson Mathology’s goal is to empower students and teachers to grow in their mathematical capabilities, gain confidence, and cultivate an affinity for math.


Classroom Resources

Professional Learning

Research & Philosophy