An Art-Free Look at Creativity and Creative Problem-Solving In Our Classrooms (K-8)

Course Description
Examining the place and promotion of creativity and creative problem-solving in our K to 8 classrooms

This hands-on workshop is centred around exploring five main themes:

  1. What Is Creativity?
  2. Experiencing and Exploring Creativity
  3. Classroom Strategies
  4. The Big Question—How to Assess Creativity
  5. Competencies and 21st Century Learning Environments

K-8 teachers in a variety of subject areas


  • Participants will develop a broader perspective of what it means to be creative and to take the stance of a creative problem-solver
  • Through experiencing a range of activities participants will leave the workshop with ideas they can implement with their students

Course Highlights

  • Explores facets of creativity and what it means to be creative and think creatively
  • Includes instructive videos from leading educators
  • Interactive and engaging Delivery


Course Fee and Structure
$129.00 per person, 30 to 50 participants