Developing Geometric Thinking and Spatial Perception - Exploring the Van Hiele Model (Grades 4-8)

Geometric thinking plays a significant role in the development of spatial reasoning and visualization. Teachers participating in this interactive workshop will explore the van Hiele model of Geometry and begin to understand how the model can be used to assess student ability and as a vehicle to develop geometric thinking and spatial perception.


Grade 4-8 teachers, math coaches, math consultants


  • Explore the van Hiele model – How children learn to reason in geometry

  • Explore the 5 Levels - Visualization, Analysis, Abstraction, Deduction, and Rigor
  • Interactive workshop working with geoboards, tangrams, geo-strips, and linking cubes to explore 3D models and spatial reasoning

  • Hands-on activities specific to math curriculum (Geometry and Spatial Sense)
  • Explore “Big Ideas” in Geometry and Spatial Sense that students need to learn to be successful

Course Fee and Number of Participants
$129 per person OR $164 per person including associated print PD resource

Number of Participants
30 to 50 

Delivery Method
Face to Face

Length of Course
One Day


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