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"All of the units created so far are rich with literacy, and include a variety of learning experiences to meet the needs of a variety of students with a variety of learning styles."

—Jill M.

"This is probably the best laid out program for RE I have encountered in previous teaching. You have no doubt in your mind that you are fulfilling the curriculum objectives using a variety of teaching strategies."

—Amy N.


"I really enjoyed the Background Knowledge (Informing your Faith and Preparing to Share your Faith) and the Moment of Reflection at the beginning of each lesson. It is wonderful that this resource recognizes that teachers all come from different backgrounds and upbringing and the background knowledge ensures that the truth is being taught and not our own biases."

—Lisa C.

"I have always been very apprehensive teaching religion because I was afraid of teaching students the wrong thing, or making them question their faith or even using secondary sources that were beyond their years or incorrect. This resource has eased my apprehension and has made me feel more comfortable teaching religion."

—Grade 1 Teacher


"My class loves the videos included in the eBook and the pictures. I think they also just love the fact that they're using the computer rather than looking at the book."

—Grade 3 Teacher

"In terms of using the digital with the kids, I find it really helps the visual learners in particular… Seeing the visuals on the puzzle helped them make a stronger connection to the holidays they knew."

—Grade 1 Teacher


"I handed out the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ textbook to each student and I could see instantly that they were hooked. Many made reference to the fact the textbook reminded them of a storybook."

—Grade 1 Teacher

"I like seeing simple, child friendly prayers throughout."

—Elisa R.


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