Mentor-Coaching Institute

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This unique program brings mentoring and coaching together as powerful allies to support a robust process for leading and learning in relationships. Participants acquire and practice the skills inherent in mentoring and coaching relationships, putting their learning into action, and developing a mentor-coach mindset. Since its inception in 2007, this program has provided participants—administrators, supervisory offers, teachers, directors of education, board employees—with an enhanced skill set that supports capacity building in a variety of educational contexts.

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Administrators, Teachers and Supervisory Officers.


  • Develop an understanding of the coaching model, basic coaching skills, principles and tools
  • Build capacity to support mentee learning and growth through impactful questions, listening, challenging and providing meaningful feedback
  • Develop an understanding of the arc of a structured coaching conversation
  • Expand skills and capacities with a variety of experiential activities and multiple formats
  • Coach practice: demonstration coaching, peer coaching with guided observation and reflection
  • Explore real world applications through case studies and role playing scenarios
  • Set intentions for key areas of learning and leadership development for leaders / MentorCoaches and mentees (individual and team ).

Digital Badges
All participants who attend all four days and who complete the associated surveys will be eligible to receive a Digital Badge to reflect completion of The Mentor-Coaching Institute. Digital badges communicate your certification achievements.

  • a web-enabled version of your credential
  • easy-to-use digital badge images for displaying your qualifications on social media sites, networking sites and in email
  • easy, valid verification of your credentials
  • a secure means of storing and publishing your credential


“The training, mentoring and facilitating have all been an incredible professional growth experience – the most powerful that I have experienced in my 34-plus year career!”

“A key benefit of the program for mentors was the coaching training and embedded practice, using new listening and questioning skills in conversations with mentees. All mentors shifted from traditional mentor and ‘problem solver’ to coach and guide, using active listening and thought-provoking questions. The framework permitted the mentors to make the paradigm shift from experienced expert to co-learner with ease. …Furthermore, by uniquely layering coaching with the concept of mentoring and associating it with expertise, a platform for accelerated leadership development was formed.”
Robinson, OPC Register, Volume 13 #2, Summer 2011

" I have been reflecting on our journey with MentorCoach [training] in our district. We have engaged so many with this work and currently have waiting lists for more learning sessions to take place. Initially, I was exposed to the MentorCoach philosophy and stance as a member of the Board Leadership Development Steering Committee. I participated in the training session that was offered and quickly saw connections to many areas of our work with support staff…

As we offered more MentorCoach learning sessions, an integrated model was used to encompass all employee groups… principals, teachers, managers, secretaries, custodians, and educational assistants. These sessions were powerful! Employees were interacting in a different way, learning together, and understanding roles and connections at a different level. How exciting! The feedback received from participants has been very positive, and they have identified so many ways to utilize the skills learned in both their professional and personal lives. I believe the MentorCoach philosophy can support all employees with their personal journey of where they are… to where they want to be.”
Karen Fox, District Human Resources Officer-Support Staff (2014)

Delivery Method
Face to Face

Length of Course

MentorCoaching Institute Sessions

Session 1  Two Days

Introduction to fundamental coaching principles, models and skills

Session 2  One Day

Enhance mentoring and coaching skills in co-creating the mentor-coach relationship, connect to strengths and navigate the mentor-coach conversation

Session 3  One Day

Examine mentoring and coaching skills in exploring energy management, offer feedback, vision, courageous conversations and set intentions.


Course Fee and Number of Participants
Contact for pricing, 15-35 participants.

If you are interested in sending a group to attend The Mentor-Coaching Institute, please complete the following expression of interest form.

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