Well Aware: Social Emotional Learning skills in promoting positive mental health practices within a school

This workshop outlines the Well Aware model placing an emphasis on mental health promotion and support for all students through teaching, modelling, and development of social emotional learning (SEL). Particular attention is paid to the importance of developing self-regulation skills, teaching students to flourish , connect with others, and demonstrate their positive attributes. Practical examples for teaching SEL skills are embedded throughout the workshop. These skills are ingredients for a positive school culture, and remind us of the importance of harnessing positive mental health behaviours for staff and students.

Teachers, Principals, Senior Leadership , Consultants

Course Fee
$129 per person or $169.50 per person including associated print PD resource

Number of Participants
30 to 50 

Delivery Method
Face to Face 

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Well Aware - Developing Resilient, Active, and Flourishing Students
Grades: 3-10
Author: Patrick Carney

This book provides you with the research-based evidence, practical tools, and ready-to-use strategies to help create a culture of positive mental health in your classroom. It reveals how, by working together, teachers and the larger educational community can make a difference to a student’s mental health.