Looking at Learning: The Practice of Pedagogical Documentation

Let’s explore Pedagogical documentation, innovative ways to observe student learning, and spotlight the relationship between the teacher and the whole child. Pedagogical documentation practice is more than assessment, more than achieving outcomes or expectations, it’s an opportunity to use the classroom as a centre of research, observe play and inquiry based learning and enrich the learning environment.

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K-3 teachers, Administrators, Early Childhood teachers


  • Unpack beliefs and assumptions about young children
  • Explore protocols of observing and documenting student learning
  • What does Pedagogical documentation really look like in a K-2 classroom?
  • What promise does Pedagogical documentation offer to enrich effective classroom practice?
  • Participate in meaningful activities and reflect on teaching and learning practices
  • Learn why Pedagogical documentation is at the heart of helping reveal students’ ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • References to regional curriculum

Course Fee
$149 per person in-person OR $99 for Online Course School Licence
Register for the online course at pearsoncanada.ca/school/lookingatlearning/signin.html

Single Seat License: $30.00
ISBN 13: 9780134833965
ISBN 10: 0134833961
Duration: 1 year

Number of Participants
30 to 50

Delivery Method
Face to Face