Creating a Culture Of Math Communication

This workshop draws classroom teacher’s attention to the importance of developing and creating a math culture. Encouraging student thinking and problem solving by engaging students to actively communicate their mathematical thinking and reasoning process. By enhancing the math culture teachers will support the diverse learning needs of students and enrich the learning experience.

Grade 1-8 classroom teachers, math coaches, Principals


  • Experience and participate in practical strategies that help students communicate mathematically
  • Understand how math communication can reveal student math misconceptions
  • Instructional strategies (K-8) that help students become more effective in reading, writing, and expressing mathematical ideas
  • Rich array of hands - on activities and tasks for immediate classroom use
  • How to foster a creative, collaborative, inquiry mind set in mathematics

Course Fee and Number of Participants
$180 per person - minimum 50 participants, or $199.95 including resource - minimum 50 participants
Premium author-led workshop 

Delivery Method
Face to Face

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Many people believe that mathematics is a subject that consists only of formulas and right-or-wrong answers. They are of the opinion that it does not require discussion, debate, or exploration and that it offers little in the way of meaningful connection to their daily lives. These misconceptions are often due to how people experienced mathematics in social contexts or in school. By infusing a variety of learning experiences into our mathematics program, however, we can help students develop an understanding that mathematics has relevance in their lives.