Problem Solving: The Heart and Soul of Mathematics

This workshop will help teachers clarify various attributes of problem solving, focus on indicators, and help students develop a repertoire of problem solving strategies. Create a growth mind set for the development of proficient problem solvers. Recognize the importance of teaching critical thinking and problem solving strategies embedded in daily classroom practice. This is an interactive workshop participants are doing math, justifying mathematical reasoning, and learning in a collaborative space.

K-8 teachers, Math Coach, Resource teachers


  • Modeling various problem solving solution strategies
  • Applying mathematical knowledge to solve problems
  • Applying prior knowledge to make mathematical connections to other math concepts
  • Using visualization techniques and other problem solving models to demonstrate understanding
  • Recognize the importance of communication and representation of problem solving solutions
  • Apply logic and divergent thinking to construct mathematical arguments (Grade 5-*)

Course Fee and Number of Participants
$129 per person, 30 to 50 participants

Delivery Method
Face to Face

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