Big Ideas in Early Mathematics: Erikson Institute

The Early Math Collaborative’s “Big Ideas” workshop offer teachers a comprehensive list of key (JK-1) foundational mathematical knowledge and concepts as determined from the research. The Big Ideas are developmentally appropriate mathematical concepts that can be taught to children aged 3-6. Building on current research from the fields of cognitive science and mathematics education the workshop explores 26 Big Ideas across the math strands that are familiar to ECE educators- sets, patterns, number, counting, operations, measurement, data analysis, shapes and spatial thinking.


JK- 1 teachers, ECE, Math Resource teachers, Numeracy Coaches


  • Through the use of video clips teachers gain insights into how to help young children develop mathematical thinking
  • Learn how to be more intentional and explicit in teaching key Big Ideas
  • Learn how to be more flexible with mathematical choices and activities to build mathematical foundations
  • Discover the links between Early Childhood research, classroom practice, and the NCTM processes
  • Participate in practical activities, strategies and lessons that you can use in daily classroom practice
  • Explore opportunities for mathematical pedagogical documentation

Course Fee and Number of Participants
$180 per person - minimum 50 participants, or $199.95 including resource - minimum 50 participants
Premium author-led workshop 

Delivery Method
Face to Face

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