Research and Results

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Results from The Mentor-Coaching Institute

"I have been reflecting on our journey with Mentor Coach [training] in our district. We have engaged so many with this work and currently have waiting lists for more learning sessions to take place. Initially, I was exposed to the MentorCoach philosophy and stance as a member of the Board Leadership Development Steering Committee. I participated in the training session that was offered and quickly saw connections to many areas of our work with support staff…

As we offered more Mentor Coach learning sessions, an integrated model was used to encompass all employee groups… principals, teachers, managers, secretaries, custodians, and educational assistants. These sessions were powerful! Employees were interacting in a different way, learning together, and understanding roles and connections at a different level. How exciting! The feedback received from participants has been very positive, and they have identified so many ways to utilize the skills learned in both their professional and personal lives. I believe the MentorCoach philosophy can support all employees with their personal journey of where they are… to where they want to be.”

Karen Fox, District Human Resources Officer-Support Staff (2014)

"In my new role as Learning Supervisor with the Thames Valley District School Board, much of my work involves providing support to learning coordinators, literacy coaches, and school administrators. I have found that my coaching skills have been extremely useful as I engage in conversations with these colleagues about their work in the support of teachers, students, and parents. They have expressed a tremendous sense of confidence in knowing that their role is not to provide all of the answers, but rather to support the individual as they explore and uncover their choices and determine their direction. Clearly, the Mentor Coaching program has a far-reaching impact as we share this model with the leaders in our system."

Principal, Learning Supervisor, MentorCoach Training Program Facilitator (2009)