Re-conceptualized to focus on:

    • Big ideas and issues
    • Inquiry Learning Process
    • Geographic thinking concepts
    • Literacy and numeracy skills.


Re-organized into five sections to match strands in the revised curriculum with First Nations, Metis, and Inuit information, perspectives, and issues embedded throughout the resource

Instructional design elements features to support:

  • inquiry-based learning process
  • geographic thinking concepts (interrelationships, spatial significance,
  • patterns and trends, geographic perspective)
  • critical and creative thinking skills
  • skill development through a Skills ToolKit appendix, Skills Focus feature, and mapping review skills in eguide
  • understanding points of view, issues analysis, and case study investigations
  • application activities scaffold understanding of key course concepts and Big Ideas
  • end of chapter consolidation and performance tasks by strand

Interactive Teacher eGuide with comprehensive teaching notes plus quiz bank, projectable Student Text pages, web links, and interactive activities/content for classroom instruction.  View support videos.

eText available with embedded multimedia content, interactive activities, and web links


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