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Resources recommended for the Ontario curriculum

Experience new content, new ideas and personal stories that travel across time, Canada and the world! With highly customized resources, Pearson's Social Studies resources will engage both students and teachers.


Making Connections - Canada's Geography, 3rd Edition

Re-conceptualized to focus on big ideas, geographic thinking, critical thinking skills, and inquiry-based learning.

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Think History

Designed to engage students through a focus on big ideas.

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Global Connections - Investigating World Issues

Course themes - quality of life, globalization, and sustainability

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Law in Action, 2nd Ed.

This resource features refreshed content, new and updated cases, and an interactive eGuide for teachers.

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Aboriginal Beliefs, Values, and Aspirations

Expand High School cultural awareness - Available in French and English

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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

Expand High School Cultural Awareness - Available in English and French

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