Student Book Authors

Alison Acheson
Laura Carlin
Deborah Ellis
Steven Keewatin Sanderson
Larry Loyie
Steve Pitt
Kevin Sylvester

Don Aker
Marty Chan
Jacqueline Guest
Rukhsana Khan
Clem Martini
Alicia Raimundo
Richard Van Camp

Constance Brissenden
Robert Cutting
Teddy Katz
Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Mahtab Narsimhan
Rosemary Sadlier

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Teacher’s Resource Authors

Linda Millar

Linda Millar is an educational consultant with over forty years’ experience whose areas of expertise include children’s mental health, media literacy, and the challenges of parenting in today’s world. She worked as a classroom and special assignment teacher with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for over 33 years. Linda has consulted and written guides for Health Canada, Crime Prevention Canada, and Indian and Northern Affairs, and has spoken at conferences internationally. For several years Linda also acted as an educational consultant for Concerned Children’s Advertisers (now Companies Committed to Kids), an organization dedicated to helping children become “media and lifewise.” In this role, she developed and delivered educator and parent program materials and keynotes for the organization in the areas of self-esteem, media literacy, bullying, and children’s well-being.

Dr. Linda M. Cameron

Dr. Linda Cameron, Professor Emerita, University of Toronto, has special expertise in literacy, children’s literature, educational psychology, parenting, gender issues, and play theory. She has taught at every level, served as a literacy consultant, co-authored a K–8 Language Arts series, and consulted across North America. Linda is also an internationally recognized specialist in education. She has published many book chapters, refereed academic papers, and served as Associate Editor of the academic journal Education 3-13. Over the years Linda has contributed significantly through the media, from being part of educational TV programs for parents and kids to being the “expert guest” on many Canadian network TV shows. She has also maintained a private practice specializing in learning assessment, play therapy, learning problems, and child management for over 30 years.