Insights 6 is an online assessment resource designed to provide early and ongoing reliable feedback – to administrators, teachers and students – in order to anticipate challenges, support learning and ensure growth.


+ Trustworthy and Reliable Data

  • Six online tests that parallel the difficulty of EQAO
    with research-tested methodology to ensure reliability
  • Student Exemplars and scoring guides
    to support the assessment of open-response questions
  • Detailed Reports for individuals and whole class
    to inform and shape instructional divisions for teachers and administrators

+ Feedback and Support that Builds Student Learning

  • Immediate feedback
    with auto-graded multiple choice questions
  • Scaffolded support for students at point of need
    • Help Me Solve This question prompts guide students through process
    • Guided Examples model clear communication
    • Videos tutorials reinforce key understandings
    • Virtual manipulatives to model and solve situations

+ Customizable for Ongoing and Targeted Use

  • Two modes of delivery for two different purposes
    • Questions to build student understanding (with feedback and support)
    • Questions to assess student understanding
  • Quick search functionality  
    to create assessments targeted to a specific purpose
    • by Question Type
    • by Expectation
    • by Topic
    • by Textbook Lesson(Math Makes Sense or Nelson Mathematics)
    • by EQAO test year
  • Create custom tasks for specific purposes
    • Compile questions directly related to a lesson or unit
    • Use throughout the year to identify needs and benchmark progress