STEPS Professional Resources

Effective September 20, 2013 Pearson Canada is posting under the Creative Commons License (Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives) a number of STEPS professional learning resources.

These resources, commonly referred to as First Steps™ in Literacy and First Steps™ in Mathematics, are now available for downloading by customers who previously had participated in STEPS PD courses within Canada. Third-party copyright materials, such as photographs and literary excerpts, have been blocked. Where appropriate, we have retained references to works originally featured.

The content available under the Creative Commons License permits the user to download the resource material without penalty or copyright infringement as long as appropriate credit is given and content is not altered or changed in any way. Note that the product cannot be used in any enterprise that involves financial gain for the user. If any of these conditions are violated, the CC license terminates and the user may be liable for copyright infringement. 




Stepping Out™

  • Canadian content under discussion
  • Facilitator Guide (not available)