New Modules created from the existing BC Socials Resources to address the New Grade 9 Socials Curriculum in British Columbia.

GRADE 9 RESOURCES (1750 - 1919)

List of resources that meet the current BC Grade 9 Social Studies Curriculum:

  1. Crossroads Module: Democracy & the Modern World (available in print & digital pack)
  2. Crossroads Module: Global Transformations (available in print & digital pack)
  3. Thinking it Through: A Social Studies Sourcebook (available in print & digital)
  4. Horizons: Canada's Emerging Identity (available in print & digital)

This second edition builds on the foundation of this custom BC resource and offers many new features.

What’s new in the second edition?

  • Chapters have been reorganized to focus on big ideas.
  • Historical thinking concepts are introduced in the chapter openers and revisited throughout the chapters.
  • New features help students look for factors that caused revolutionary changes and examine the effects of those changes.
  • Reading Anchor Literacy Tips promote application of comprehension strategies.
  • More accessible content, single-column layout, and more visual design support reading success and student engagement.
  • End of section questions focus on critical thinking
  • Embedded QR codes allow students to easily connect to online content through their mobile device

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