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These grade-specific samplers will show you how the new units will:

  • help you teach opinoninformation, and narrative writing with increasing complexity and sophistication
  • foster high-level thinking, including regular chances to synthesize, analyze, and critique
  • develop and refine strategies for writing across the curriculum
  • support greater independence and fluency through intensive writing opportunities
  • include strategic performance assessments to help monitor mastery and differentiate instruction
  • provide a ladder of exemplar texts that model writing progression across the K–8 continuum.

Kindergarten Sampler (PDF, 83pgs, 5.24MB)
Grade 1 Sampler (PDF, 79pgs, 5.56MB)
Grade 2 Sampler (PDF, 91pgs, 4.30MB)
Grade 3 Sampler (PDF, 87pgs, 7.17MB)
Grade 4 Sampler (PDF, 111pgs, 9.51MB)
Grade 5 Sampler (PDF, 103pgs, 7.25MB)
Grade 6 Sampler (PDF, 100pgs, 7.7MB)
Grade 7 Sampler (PDF, 72pgs, 7.6MB)
Grade 8 Sampler (PDF, 104pgs, 9MB)