Pearson Science is a unique series designed to support your efforts to engage your students through inquiry, sustainable development and Aboriginal perspectives.  Manitoba Education has listed Pearson Science as a "Recommended" resource for the Science curriculum.

  • Provides a local context for science
  • Includes First Nations and Métis ways of knowing
  • Recommended for the Manitoba Science Curriculum

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit perspectives are included throughout the units to show students a different way of knowing about the world. Each unit also includes at least one profile of an Aboriginal Elder or Knowledge Keeper.

Open inquiries have students design and implement their own experiments from start to finish.

Confirmation inquiries have students apply a procedure and confirm their knowledge about a topic.

Information about sustainable development is integrated throughout the resource to help students develop the skills they need to be informed and responsible citizens who have concern for the future of our planet.

Examples of people and places from all over Manitoba are included to engage students by demonstrating how the science relates to their lives.

Research features have students use the internet and other sources to go beyond the content in the student book.

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