Table of Contents

Part 1  Foundations of Environmental Science

1  An Introduction to Environmental Science

2  Matter, Energy, and the Physical Environment

3  Environmental Systems and Ecosystem Ecology

4  Evolution, Biodiversity, and Population Ecology

5  Species Interactions and Community Ecology


Part 2  Issues, Impacts, and Solutions

6  Human Population

7  Soil Resources

8  Agriculture, Food, and Biotechnology

9  Conservation of Species and Habitats

10  Forests and Forest Management

11  Freshwater Systems and Water Resources

12  Marine and Coastal Systems and Fisheries

13  Atmospheric Science and Air Pollution

14  Global Climate Change

15  Fossil Fuels: Energy Use and Impacts

16  Energy Alternatives

17  Mineral Resources and Mining

18  Managing Our Waste

19  Environmental Health and Hazards

20  Environmental Ethics and Economics: Values and Choices

21  Environmental Policy: Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

22  Strategies for Sustainability


Appendix A    Answers to Data Analysis Questions

Appendix B    Some Basics on Graphs