Table of Contents


Chapter 1        Exploring Biology


Unit 1 - The Living Cell

Chapter 2        The Essential Chemistry of Life

Chapter 3        The Compounds of Cells

Chapter 4        Cellular Structure

Chapter 5        Cellular Function

Chapter 6        How Cells Harvest Chemical Energy

Chapter 7        Photosynthesis


Unit 2 - Cellular Reproduction and Genetics

Chapter 8        The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance

Chapter 9        Patterns of Inheritance

Chapter 10        Molecular Genetics

Chapter 11        Gene Expression

Chapter 12        DNA Technology and Genomics


Unit 3 - Concepts of Evolution

Chapter 13        Evolution: In the Beginning

Chapter 14        Mechanisms of Evolution

Chapter 15        Speciation and Phylogeny


Unit 4 - Evolution of Biological Diversity

Chapter 16        Viruses and Other Acellular "LIfe"

Chapter 17        Bacteria and Other Prokaryotes

Chapter 18        Biodiversity of Protists and Fungi

Chapter 19        Biodiversity of Plants

Chapter 20        Biodiversity of Invertebrate Animals

Chapter 21        Biodiversity of Vertebrate Animals


Unit 5 - Structure and Function of Plants

Chapter 22        Plant Structure, Reproduction, and Development

Chapter 23        Nutrition in Plants

Chapter 24        Control Systems in Plants


Unit 6 - Structure and Function of Animals

Chapter 25        Unifying Concepts of Animal Structure and Function

Chapter 26        Nutrition in Animals

Chapter 27        Gas Exchange

Chapter 28        Circulation

Chapter 29        Hormones and Endocrine Systems

Chapter 30        Animal Reproduction and Development

Chapter 31        Neurons and Nervous Systems

Chapter 32        Sensation

Chapter 33        Animal Locomotion

Chapter 34        Animal Immune Systems


Unit 7 - Ecology

Chapter 35        The Biosphere

Chapter 36        Behavioural Ecology

Chapter 37        Population Ecology

Chapter 38        Community Ecology

Chapter 39        Symbioses

Chapter 40        Ecosystem Ecology

Chapter 41        Conservation and Sustainability



Appendix A        The Periodic Table

Appendix B        The Amino Acids of Proteins

Appendix C        Some Organic Functional Groups and their Properties

Appendix D        The Language of Biology

Appendix E        Answers to Chapter Review Questions