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Échos Pro and Échos work together to develop literacy learning and maximize student success in French. Each collection can be used separately or together in one program providing a wide variety of texts and text types and great flexibility for lesson planning.

A Digital Makeover.

A Digital Makeover.

We are migrating the Échos Pro resources exclusively to the eText platform as a result of valuable feedback from educators in the FSL community. The eText platform boasts a more modern, user-friendly interface where all the teacher resources and digital assets, such as audio and video files, are available at point-of-use from the student resource pages. No more toggling back and forth from CLE to eText. Now you can experience a one-stop shop in eText by accessing any of the resources you may need to launch your lessons from one convenient place. 

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Échos Pro and Échos also provide flexible purchase options with blended (digital and print) packages to suit your needs. The easiest way to become an Échos Pro is to start with a Professional Bundle, where you get all of your Teacher and student materials in print and digital formats and all for one low price. Expand your collections and support students by purchasing printed student books separately.

Explore each level of Échos Pro and Échos to learn more.

Explore each level of Échos Pro and Échos to learn more.

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