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The BEST just got BETTER! Fountas and Pinnell’s Leveled Literacy Intervention has turned thousands of struggling readers into successful readers. Now with the same high-quality, highly engaging, original books, instill a love of reading with the NEW Leveled Literacy Intervention, Second Edition for Grade K, Levels A–E.

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Individual Components

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Orange System (K) Program Guide

A guide that provides a comprehensive overview of the LLI System.


Orange System (K) Little Books

70 titles. Sold in 4-packs.


Orange System (K) Lesson Guides Volumes 1 & 2

Systematically designed, fast-paced lessons to support both reading and writing development.


Lap Books

Facilitate shared reading. 10 books.


Kindergarten (Take-Home Book Package)

Black and white replicas of all books, designed to help students establish an at-home reading life and library.
Includes 6 complete sets of 70 books.


Take-Home Bags Package (6-pack)

Brightly colored bags for students to carry their Take-Home Books and Fold Sheets.
6-pack, 2 of each color.


Orange Lesson Folders (10-Pack)

Sturdy, plastic Lesson Folders to store books, lessons and other ancillary material needed for a lesson.


Student Folders (18-pack)

Folders for storing Reading Records, tracking student data and graphing student progress.


My Writing Book Package (18-pack)

Supports student writing development and practice.
18-pack, 6 of each color.


F&P Calculator/Stopwatch

Automates the calculation of reading rate, accuracy, and self-correction ratio, as well as doubling as a stopwatch.


The Fountas & Pinnell Prompting Guide 1: A Tool for Literacy Teachers

A flip chart featuring language that teachers can use to teach, prompt and reinforce effective reading and writing behaviours.


When Readers Struggle: Teaching That Works

A professional book to support effective teaching in the lessons.



The following PDFs contain sample LLI lessons from the Orange System:

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