How do faculty across the disciplines define the qualities of good writing?

What assumptions underlie their writing assignments?

How do students learn to write within their majors? Meet teacher expectations? Acquire proficiency in academic genres?

Chris Thaiss and Terry Myers Zawacki sought answers to these important questions in their landmark, four-year, crossdisciplinary study of faculty and students from a wide range of majors. Their results will change your approach to teaching writing.

Thoroughly researched and incisively written, Engaged Writers and Dynamic Disciplines shows faculty and student writers taking risks with form and ideas as they weigh the demands of writing in the academy with their own passions for learning and self-expression. Thaiss and Zawacki demonstrate that academic disciplines are dynamic spaces that accommodate a variety of alternative styles and visions, even as they respect careful, systematic research.

Engaged Writers and Dynamic Disciplines illuminates disciplinary assumptions, expectations, and writing practices. Its insights and conclusions will inform everyone who teaches writing or administers a WAC program.

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