In fourth grade, the stakes for your readers go up. Their learning shifts from skills to content. They encounter chapter books regularly. Text books become a staple of the classroom. And standardized testing rears its head for the first time. Expectations skyrocket for children and they’re just as high for you. Fortunately, Fourth Grade Readers gives you units of study that meet the challenge.

The four units of study in Fourth Grade Readers help your students make the transition to critical reading. With Martha Heller-Winokur and Marcia Uretsky’s lessons you’ll help students internalize how to:

  • engage with texts by reading strategically through a unit on using reading tools
  • respond to texts by applying reading strategies through a unit on discussion skills
  • understand and respond to nonfiction by utilizing reading strategies through a unit on biography
  • recognize an author’s intent and craft through an author-study unit.

Fourth Grade Readers goes even further. Its advice on assessment and differentiation supports classroomwide success. It shows you how to design your own units to meet your classroom’s specific demands. And it provides all the helpful planning materials, conferring forms, and booklists you’ll need to get started.