This is a multimedia curriculum resource for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade teachers looking to enrich and broaden their literacy-related instructional practices. Framed by research notes and kidwatching forms, lessons present ideas for enhancing existing teaching practices (such as whole-group read-aloud and circle time) and for extending the quality of students’ literacy experiences in times that are not typically considered “instructional” (such as independent reading and play). Ample research evidence shows that when teachers accomplish the types of teaching described in this resource, children’s achievement soars—and their lives as literate individuals flourish. Components:

  • A jump-in-and-get-started Teacher’s Guide outlines the thinking behind Literate Days
  • 33 lessons are organized into three lesson books:

    1. Grounding Children in Routines and Procedures for Meaningful Learning
    2. Building, Energizing, and Re-envisioning the Literacy
    3. Deepening the Scholarship in the Classroom Community

Framed by research notes and kidwatching forms, lessons provide that provide detailed plans, teaching tools, and reproducibles for children. The Lessons from Literate Days DVD models effective literacy instruction with two hours of live-from-the-classroom video footage.