If only we could understand that seemingly inexplicable moment when children suddenly "get" reading. Then our instruction could be directed toward creating those specific circumstances which help every student recognize the pattern of meaning behind the marks on a page. Now, thanks to Richard Gentry's Breaking the Code, we can.

In his most important book to date, Gentry combines cutting-edge, brain-based research with sound classroom knowledge to explore early literacy development. Starting with the crucial interrelationship of reading and writing, he looks inside and out at the minds of emerging readers to find out how they construct the idea and process of reading. Then he presents a blueprint for instruction and early intervention that combines his new findings with best-practice teaching. His comprehensive instructional model focuses on building the specific skills, capacities, and experiences kids need by teaching them to write as they learn to read. Gentry gives you everything you need to implement successful beginning reading strategies as well as a variety of effective tips for supporting readers and writers throughout the primary grades.

Writing with the same clarity and teacher-friendly approach as in his best-selling The Science of Spelling, Richard Gentry will show you how scientific thinking and student-centered teaching can work together to create powerful literacy instructional practices. Let Breaking the Code open a window for you into the minds of young readers, so that you can open a window for them into a world of literate possibilities.


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