This book is essential to everything Linda Rief’s students do in her workshop classroom as literate young men and women. Far more than a place where students merely practice writing, this is where they do the work of learning. Now Linda shares her Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook with you and your students, in the exact format that she and her students have found most useful—a format she has perfected in more than two decades in the classroom. Conveniently available in packs of five and with instructions for each of its sections printed inside, these notebooks are now ready for use in your classroom.

The design of this notebook is flexible and adaptable to the demands of not only English/language arts, but any content area concerned with the development of literacy.

Each section contains specific instructions and guidelines, providing a helpful structure for students as they learn and grow as writers and readers. Linda also includes some of her favorite inspirational quotes about writing and reading throughout; meanwhile, her organizational tools help students navigate the ideas and information they’ve compiled during the year.

With its tear-resistant cover, thick paper stock, softened rules for drawing and writing, and backpack-friendly size, the Writer’s-Reader’s Notebook’s fully functional design keeps the needs of adolescents in mind.

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