Recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Education

With all the controversy and confusion over “best practice” issues in teaching reading, Regie Routman steps in: giving clarity, support, specific demonstrations, and confidence to teachers so they can teach reading in a manner that is consistent with research and learning theory and respectful of students’ needs, interests, and abilities. In Reading Essentials, she realistically describes how to achieve these goals. Readers will discover research-based strategies, immediately doable ideas, and detailed lessons. Topics include:

  • Teaching much more, more effectively and joyfully, in less time
  • Applying an optimal learning model to teaching
  • Reducing isolated skills work
  • Maximizing whole-class teaching
  • Working with struggling readers
  • Connecting reading with writing
  • Organizing a terrific classroom library and reading area
  • Monitoring and evaluating students as readers
  • Integrating assessment and testing into daily teaching
  • Teaching comprehension sensibly and effectively
  • Applying shared reading across the grades and curriculum
  • Planning guided reading in meaningful, manageable ways knowing how and when to question research and programs
  • Ensuring reading competence and confidence for every child