Table of Contents

I. Foundations

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

2. This I Believe

3. How Writing Units Work Together

Student Focus: Josh

II. Collecting Thinking

4. The Writer’s Notebook

5. Quick Writes

III. The Opportunities in a Writer’s Workshop

6. The Opportunities in a Writer’s Workshop

7. Workshop Time

8. Closing Each Class Period

Student Focus: Kelsey

IV. Thinking Through Genre

8. The Art of Story

9. The Art of Persuasion

10. Seeking Balance: Writing About Literature and Writing About Life

11. Finding Form for Ideas: Blending Genres

Student focus: Aaron

V. Mechanics

12. Grammar, Punctuation, and What Keeps Me up at Night

Student Focus: Kristen

VI. Assessment

13. Leading Students to Reflection and Independence

14. In the End, What Writing Is For